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What needs to be done to reduce violence in Uruguay?

19 January 2015

What needs to be done to reduce levels of violence in Uruguay? Which steps should policy makers take? Nico Trajetenberg (PhD, University of Cambridge) and Manuel Eisner (director of the Violence Research Centre, University of Cambridge) have presented the new report "Hacia una Política de Prevención de la Violencia en...

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Watch the conference lectures online!

12 November 2014

What do leading experts think about violence reduction? What needs to be done at national and global policy level to reduce violence by 50% in the next 30 years? We are excited to share the videos of the Global Violence Reduction Conference 2014 with you! Learn about the best practices and big ideas shared by our plenary...

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Media reports on the Global Violence Reduction Conference 2014

6 October 2014

The WHO and University of Cambridge Global Violence Reduction Conference 2014 was a great success, thanks to the important policy ideas to reduce violence by 150 global experts. Read more about the major findings of the conference by downloading the policy idea papers of the plenary speakers and the session speakers or...

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Prof. Eisner re-examines evidence for prevention study

2 June 2014

The new VRC Working Paper " A Critical Re-examination of the Prevention Study 'Empowerment in Family and School (eifas): A Randomized Trial'" is available online. The working paper is in draft form and Prof. Eisner welcomes comments and contributions to the paper ( ). Download the VRC Working Paper "A...

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High risk of sexual abuse for physically disabled youth

29 May 2014

A new study by Katrin Mueller-Johnson, Manuel Eisner and Ingrid Obsuth finds that physically disabled young people are at a significantly higher risk of contact and non-contact sexual victimisation compared to youth without physical disability. The study "Sexual Victimization of Youth With a Physical Disability: An...

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Global Violence Reduction Conference 2014 convenes leading experts

28 May 2014

The first Global Violence Prevention Conference at the University of Cambridge promises to be an exciting and important event with 150 leading experts in violence prevention from academia, policy, civil society and philanthropy. The conference on 18-19 September 2014 is jointly organised by the Violence and Injury...

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To die like a king: New study says it's most dangerous job in history

16 May 2014

A survey by Cambridge professor Manuel Eisner finds risk of death for kings between 600 and 1800AD was very high, suggesting that being a king might be the most dangerous job in history. You can read the full media report in the Guardian .

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Alcohol licensing act proposed by Eisner and Humphrey makes headlines

17 April 2014

The alcohol licensing act proposed by Prof. Manuel Eisner and Dr. David Humphreys in the article " Do flexible alcohol trading hours reduce violence? A theory-based natural experiment in alcohol policy " (Social Science and Medicine) has stimulated interesting public discussion in the media. Find out more about the media...

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Study finds that many Jordan teenagers support honour killings

17 April 2014

A new study by Manuel Eisner and Lana Gunheim finds that a significant proportion of teenagers in Jordan think that honour killing is morally right. The study has received attention in the media including by BBC News and Aljazeera . The paper has been published in Aggressive Behavior .

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