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Bursary Scholars

Bursary Scholars 

One important goal of the conference was to contribute to capacity building. We were delighted to welcome a number of talented young researchers from low-and middle-income countries that have been awarded a bursary covering the full costs of the conference, accommodation and travel expenses. The bursary recipients were invited to participate in the Global Violence Reduction Conference 2014 and present a poster on their research in violence reduction.


Alison Swartz Photo 1

Alison Swartz

University of Cape Town, PhD Candidate in Public Health; Division of Social and Behavioral Sciences - School of Public Health and Family Medicine, Part-Time Lecturer

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Amanda Sim photo 1

Amanda Sim 

International Rescue Committee, Research and Evaluation Coordinator

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Arundati Muralidharan photo 1

Arundati Muralidharan

Public Health Foundation of India, Senior Research Fellow; Indian Institute of Public Health (Delhi), Adjunct Faculty 

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Caren Ruotti photo 1

Caren Ruotti

University of São Paulo - Centre for the Study of Violence, Doctoral Student and Researcher in Sociology (Violence and Human Rights)  

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Catalina Torrente photo 1

Catalina Torrente

Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence, Postdoctoral Research Associate

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Claire Choo Wan Yuen

University of Malaya, Associate Professor

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Eddy Walakira photo 1

Eddy Walakira

Makerere University - Department of Social Work and Social Administration, Ag. Head; Senior Lecturer and Program Leader in Children and Youth

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Gulleng Daskyes Yohanna photo 1

Gulleng Yohanna Daskyes

University of Jos - Department of Sociology, Lecturer II

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IDCA 2014 photo.jpg

Isaac Deneb Castañeda

Anáhuac University (Mexico), Associate Professor and Carlos Peralta Chair of Public Health; Metropolitan Autonomous University (Mexico), Medical Surgeon; Centre for Global Non-Killing (US), Research Member

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Ivan Aymaliev photo 1

Ivan Aymaliev

National Research University - Higher School of Economics (Moscow) - PhD Candidate in Economic Sociology and Demography; Laboratory for Sociological Analysis, Junior Research Fellow

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Jamie Lachman photo 1

Jamie Lachman

University of Oxford, DPhil Candidate in Social Intervention; Sinovuyu Caring Families Project, Co-Investigator; Parenting for Lifelong Health, Steering Committee Member; Clowns Without Borders South Africa, Executive Director

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Karen Ortiz photo 1

Karen Ortiz

Inter-American Development Bank Citizen Security Cluster (Washington, D.C.), Consultant 

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Li Xi photo 1

Li Xi 

University of Hong Kong, PhD Candidate in Law 

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Mercilene Machisa photo 1

Mercilene Machisa

University of Witwatersrand, Interdisciplinary Doctorate Candidate in Public Health; South African Medical Research Council, Senior Researcher and Project Manager  

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Nambusi Kyegombe

London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine - Department of Global Health and Development, Research Fellow 

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Nikki de la Rosa photo 1

Nikki de la Rosa

International Alert (Phillippines), Deputy Country Manage and Head of Mindanao Operations

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Priscila Susin photo 1

Priscila Susin 

Pontifical Catholic University of Rio Grande do Sul (Brazil), PhD Candidate in Social Sciences; Centre for Economic and Social Analysis (Centro de Análises Econômicas e Sociais - PUCRS), Researcher

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Sandra Hernandez photo 1

Sandra Hernandez

Child Protection Network Foundation, Inc. (Philippines), Associate Director for Training and Lecturer; Philippine General Hospital-Child Protection Unit, Child Protection Specialist

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Tariro Mutongwizo photo 1

Tariro Mutongwizo 

University of Cape Town, PhD Candidate in Criminology; Centre for Justice and Crime Prevention (Cape Town), Senior Researcher

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