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Violence Research Centre


The Braun and Hogenberg map of London we used to create the Homicide Hotspots has been reproduced by kind permission of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem & the Jewish National & University Library. The map of London c.1270 has been reproduced by kind permission of the Historic Towns Trust.


We also wish to thank all our collaborators:

  • Dr Michael Rice, Birgitte Bruun and Jeremy Ries helped with adapting the medieval texts.
  • Ruth Schmid Eisner and Nora Eisner helped with the data preparation and geocoding.
  • Sam Barnes at Design Monkey Media developed the 

    software for producing the map and created the search index using Google Maps JavaScript API framework.

  •  Dan Gould of Dan Gould Design restored the image of the historical map

  • Giles Darkes, Cartographic Editor, British Historic Towns Atlas, The Historic Towns Trust



Eisner, Manuel (2018). Interactive Medieval London Murder (Homicide) Map


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