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Photos, Videos and Podcasts of the Global Violence Reduction Conference 2014



View Photos of the Conference at King's College, Cambridge

View Photos of the Bursary Scholars

View Photos of the Public Lecture by Steven Pinker



View the Video of the Public Lecture by Steven Pinker

Steven Pinker - The Past, the Present and the Future of Violence


View the Videos of the Plenary Lectures

Manuel Eisner - Reducing Homicide by 50% in 30 Years: Universal Mechanisms and Evidence- Based Public Policy

Robert Rotberg - Preventing Civil Conflict: Effective Ledership and Good Governance

Bernadette Madrid - Adolescence: A Critical Period in Reducing Abuse and Exploitation in Low- and Middle- Income Countries

Friedrich Loesel - Treating Violent Offenders More Effectively: Alternatives to Punishment

Lawrence Sherman - Promoting Justice and Making the Police More Effective

David Finkelhor - Dilemmas in International Strategies to Reduce Violence Against Children

Rachel Jewkes - Global Strategies to Reduce Violence Against Children

Theresa Betancourt - Linking Developmental Science and Prevention Research to Intervene More Effectively in Child Development

Alexander Butchart - Where Do We Want to Get and How? Outlining the Challenges 

Maria Fernanda Tourinho Peres - Reducing Youth Violence

Nancy Guerra - Principles of Evidence-Based Practice for Youth Violence Prevention: Lessons from Around the World



Listen to the Podcasts of the Session Lectures

Session 1 - Creating and Using the Global Evidence Base for Violence Reduction

Richard Matzopoulos - The Western Cape Government’s New Integrated Provincial Violence Prevention Policy Framework: Successes and Challenges

Theresa Kilbane - Using UNICEF's Global Evidence Base for Violence Reduction

Karen Hughes - Is the Violence Prevention Evidence Base Fit to Inform a Global Violence Reduction Strategy?

Session 2 - Building Violence Prevention Research Capacity

Joseph Murray - Universal Risk Factors for Violence? Evidence from Low- and Middle-Income Countries

Arturo Cervantes - Challenges and Opportunities for Large Scale Violence Prevention Efforts in Mexico

Abigail Fagan - Overcoming Obstacles to High Quality Implementation of Evidence-Based Principles in Violence Prevention

Session 3 - Reducing Sexual Abuse of Children and Adolescents

Maha Almuneef - Addressing Child Abuse and Neglect in Arab Societies

Charlotte Watts - Prevention of Sexual Violence Against Children and Adolescents in East Africa

Joy Ngozi Ezeilo - Strategies to Reduce Human Trafficking and Protect the Human Rights of Vulnerable Groups

Session 4 - Reducing Violence in Public Space

Robert Muggah - Fragile Cities: Confronting the Changing Landscapes Violence

Alys Willman - Community-Based Strategies to Reduce Youth Violence

Amy Nivette - Lessons From a Comparative Analysis of Successful Reductions of Public Violence Across Cities

Session 5 - Promoting Good Governance and Civil Society

James Putzel - Why Liberals are Poor Peace-Makers: Discarding Orthodoxies to Reduce Violence in Developing Countries

Innocent Chukwuma - Fair and Accountable Security Forces as a Strategy for Reduction of Identity-Based Violence in West-Africa

Maria Stephan - Civil Resistance as a Powerful (and More Effective) Alternative to Violence

Session 6 – Reducing Organised Forms of Violence

Justice Tankebe - Legitimacy and Violence Prevention

Susanne Karstedt - Global Hotspots of Violence: How to Focus Intervention and Prevention

James Finckenauer - Criminal Groups and Violence

Session 7 - Global Actors: International Organisations and Private Philanthropy

Alexander Butchart - The Role of International Organisations in Global Violence Prevention

Susan Bissell - UNICEF’s Strategy in Prevention of Violence Against Children

Patricia Lannen & Michael Feigelson - The Role of Private Philanthropy in Violence Prevention

Session 8 - Scaling Up Interventions and Building Evidence-based Support Systems

Frances Gardner - Effectiveness and Transportability of Parenting Programmes to Prevent Violence

John Lawrence Aber - On the Front Line of Violence Reduction: Generating Evidence for School-Based Strategies to Promote Children’s Development in Conflict- affected Contexts

Catherine Ward - Building an Evidence-Based Support System for Parents in South Africa

Session 9 - Reducing Intimate Partner Violence Against Women

Harriet MacMillan - Primary Prevention of Intimate Partner Violence: Current Evidence and Future Prospects

Suneeta Krishnan - Using Health as an Entry Point to Address Intimate Partner Violence: Insights from India

Claudia Garcia-Moreno - Preventing Intimate Partner Violence Against Women in Low- and Middle-Income Countries

Session 10 - Controlling Triggers to Violence

Graham Farrell - Lessons for Global Violence Reduction from Recent Crime Declines: Security, Problem-Solving and Situational Prevention

Mark Bellis - Reducing Alcohol-Related Violence – Equity, Environment and Early Years

Keith Krause - Controlling Access to Firearms

Session 11 - Reforming Police Forces and Making Them Better Serve Their People

Etannibi Alemika - Police Effectiveness, Accountability and Violence in Nigeria

Daniel Ortega - Social Experimentation and Evaluation for Better Policing

Patrick Burton - Approaches to Making the Police More Effective and Accountable in Low- and Middle-Income Countries

Session 12 - What Penal Policy for Less Violent Societies?

Daniel Nagin - Rising Not Falling Violent Crime: How Should Criminal Justice Systems Respond?

Michael Tonry - What Courts and Prisons Can Do to Reduce Violent Crime

Hualing Fu - China’s Penal Policy Against Violence: Resilience and Challenges