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A key focus of EBLS will be on capacity building and strengthening in the study sites. It will work to enhance research capacity, stakeholders’ use of developmental research findings and the capacity to implement and monitor evidence-based prevention strategies. 

  • Collaboration between academics in the study sites and the core EBLS consortium will advance cutting-edge research capacity in the study sites.
  • Visiting scholar schemes for graduate students and junior academics from the study sites will be established. They will be designed to allow talented young people to collaborate with specialists in the UK or elsewhere while pursuing academic careers in their home countries. 
  • In each site training seminars will be offered to senior practitioners and policy makers. They aim to strengthen the problem-solving capacity of the public health system by enabling stakeholders to understand and use research on child development and evidence-based violence prevention. 
  • Online distance learning modules in global violence prevention will be offered by the Violence Research Centre, providing improved global access.