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The conference in September 2015 discussed the implications of the UN 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development for Violence prevention across the world. In his presentation Manuel Eisner emphasized the necessity to integrate violence prevention into all systems including urban planning, governance, health, education, and technology policy. He also emphasized the need to develop strategies that broadly address multiple outcomes related the child’s wellbeing. See Prof Eisner's slides here

The Milestones of a Global Campaign for Violence Prevention Meeting series is a way to recognize the achievements of the Global Campaign for Violence Prevention since the launch of the World report on violence and health in 2002 and identify challenges and future priorities in violence prevention. The scope of the 7th Milestones Meeting includes child maltreatment; youth violence; intimate partner violence; sexual violence, and elder abuse. The meeting will focus on consolidating global, regional and national efforts to strengthen violence prevention policies, programmes and laws. During the meeting, we will make plans to increase action, political support and funding for violence prevention worldwide. Keynote speakers will include senior government policy-makers and world experts. Participants will be researchers, practitioners and advocates, as well as policy-makers and others with decision-making authority at local, regional, and global levels.


The meeting theme is “Linking global violence prevention with sustainable development”, and the focus will be on how the post-2015 Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) can enhance national and international violence prevention efforts. The programme will cover SDG targets directly aimed at violence prevention, and SDG targets that address risk factors for multiple forms of violence, including through measures to reduce economic inequality and alcohol misuse, and to strengthen social protection, early childhood development, housing policies, and justice.