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Violence Research Centre


Evidence for Better Lives: A Global Initiative for Research on Child Psychosocial Well-being and the Prevention of Violence against Children

Sidney Sussex College, University of Cambridge
7 August 2017


This conference provided an overview of the results of the Evidence for Better Lives (EBLS) feasibility study. It introduced the participating sites and partner teams and outlined the contributions that EBLS can make to research, prevention policy and capacity building. For the first time, it brought together all site teams, the members of the research consortium, representatives of supporting international organisations and stakeholders interested in the study. The conference was followed by a two-day workshop, held at the Institute of Criminology, for the site teams and the research consortium.  


EBLS Workshop: 8-9 August 2017

The participants in the two-day workshop, hosted by the Institute of Criminology, were all EBLS partners. The workshop discussed the project in more detail, including project management, scientific innovation, data collection and policy impact strategies.