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Violence Research Centre


Academic papers are covered in the news section, research pages and in personal profiles of researchers.



VRC Report 2019-2020

This annual report covers the academic year 2019-2020. 
You can download a low-res version here.


NaRA Report, 2019. Reprinted in 2020 
You can download a low-res version here.


Effective Violence Prevention Report 
You can download a low-res version here



sp-proso report - please download it here.


VRC Report 2018-2019 

You can download it here.


VRC Report 2016-2018 

This report covers two academic years. You can download it here.



The report for the z-proso project, in collaboration with the University of Zurich. Download it here.


The draft NaRA Report for the EBLS project. Download it here.


School-based interventions for reducing disciplinary school exclusion 

School exclusion, also known as suspension in some countries, is a disciplinary sanction imposed by a responsible school authority in reaction to students’ misbehaviour. The review summarises findings from 37 reports covering nine different types of intervention. Most studies were from the USA, with the remainder from the UK. Plain language summaries in both English and Spanish are available here. This project was funded by the Nuffield Foundation. The views expressed are those of the authors. 




The Violence Research Centre's report for 2015-2016 outlines our research activities and collaborations over the academic year. This report also includes part of the 2016-2017 academic year.  Download the PDF here. 




Global Strategies to Reduce Violence by 50% in 30 Years 

Is it possible to cut worldwide levels of interpersonal violence in half within the coming 30 years? This question was at the centre of the first Global Violence Reduction Conference 2014, jointly organised by the Violence Research Centre at the University of Cambridge and the World Health Organization. The conference lured experts out of their comfort zone, asking to reflect on big strategies to reduce violence by 50% in the next 30 years. It brought together 150 leading representatives from international organisations, academia, civil society institutions and philanthropic organisations to discuss how scientific knowledge can contribute to the advancement of this violence reduction goal. The main message of the conference was that a global violence reduction by 50% in the next 30 years is achievable if policy makers harness the power of scientific evidence on violence reduction.  

Double-page version: Download the PDF of the report "Global Strategies to Reduce Violence by 50% in 30 Years"

Single-page version: Download the PDF of the report "Global Strategies to Reduce Violence by 50% in 30 Years"


Prof Manuel Eisner believes that it is possible to significantly reduce interpersonal violence in a single generation. In How to Reduce Homicide by 50% in the Next 30 Years, written in collaboration with Instituto Igarapé, he presents some of the basic reforms to be conducted in order to effectively reduce homicide rates. The English version of this report can be downloaded here. The Portuguese version, here.