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Violence Research Centre



The Violence Research Centre (VRC), launched in September 2014, aims to contribute to the advancement of the understanding of the causes, the consequences and the prevention of interpersonal violence. This includes childhood aggression, bullying, assault and robbery, homicide, domestic abuse and sexual violence. The VRC takes an interdisciplinary perspective that draws on theoretical approaches and empirical findings from criminology, psychology, biology, political science, sociology, and history. We work closely with academics and policy-making institutions both nationally and internationally.

Research conducted at the Violence Research Centre addresses three main questions:

  1. What are the individual, social and biological causes of violence?
  2. How can we prevent violence?
  3. Why do levels of violence vary between countries and over time?

Projects hosted by the Centre have received funding from a wide range of sources, including, the British Academy, The ESRC Impact Acceleration Fund (UK), the European Commission, the Jacobs Foundation, the Leverhulme Trust, The Fondation Botnar, the National Institute of Justice USA, the Newton Trust, The Consuelo Foundation, Queensland University of Technology and the UBS Optimus Foundation. 

You can find our annual reports and other publications here.