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In 2019 the EBLS project reached the stage 3 - The Foundational Study. Findings and a key report were presented at the 2nd EBLS Symposium on 25 November 2019. Going forward, the EBLS project aims to realise a multicentric birth cohort study on the development of 12,000 children born in 2021 in middle income countries in all major regions of the world, using innovative ways to better understand how children of the 21st century can reach their full potential, and how Violence Against Children (VAC) can be reduced. 


EBLS entails three main components: 

  1. Research on Child Development: The EBLS cross-cultural birth cohort study will generate the knowledge required to support positive psychosocial development from the very early-life stages.
  2. Policy Impact: Its impact strategy will ensure that the knowledge generated will be widely disseminated and will influence national and international violence reduction policies and practices.
  3. Capacity Building: Activities will support the local expertise in each site, as well as strengthen the research infrastructure and collaborative networks needed for sustainable capabilities in order to promote positive psychosocial development from early childhood.