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Violence Research Centre


This project developed from an MPhil thesis by Lana Ghuneim, a student of the Institute of Criminology in 2010/11 supported by the Said Foundation. It comprises a youth survey of 842 adolescents (age 15) in 14 schools in Amman, Jordan. The main goal of the project is to assess adolescents' attitudes towards honor killings and wife beating in Jordan, and to test theoretically derived hypotheses about social and cultural conditions that promote beliefs in support of honor killings and wife beating. Results have been published in Aggressive Behaviour.

Investigators: Lana Ghuneim (MPhil student), Professor Manuel Eisner | Funding: Self-funded, Said Foundation for data collection


Key Publication

Eisner, M. and Ghuneim, L. (2013) "Honor Killing Attitudes Amongst Adolescents in Amman, Jordan." Aggressive Behavior 39, no. 5: 405-417.