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The London Education and Inclusion Project (LEIP) is a collaborative project of the Greater London Authority, the charity Catch22, and the Institute of Criminology. It is financially supported by grants from the European Commission and the Education Endowment Foundation.


LEIP is an evaluation of a 12-week-long intervention, Engage in Education – London (EiE-L), delivered by Catch22. EiE-L is a shortened version of Engage in Education (EiE) that was adapted for the purposes of this study. The intervention is aimed at young people in Year 9 and 10 of secondary school who are most at risk of school exclusion. It targets young people’s communication and broader social-behavioural skills with the aim to reduce problem behaviours. The evaluation is a cluster-randomised controlled field trial operating in 36 schools across London.

The trial was registered in the ISRCTN register (International Standard Randomised Controlled Trial Number): ISRCTN23244695. The research team also published a study protocol (Obsuth et al., 2014).

Investigators: Professor Manuel Eisner (PI), Dr. Ingrid Obsuth (Research Associate), Dr. Alex Sutherland (Research Associate), Aiden Cope (Research Assistant), Liv Pilbeam (Research Coordinator), Sara Valdebenito (PhD Student) | Funding: European Commission PROGRESS Fund, £350,000 | Image: Lena Vasiljeva


Selected Publications

Obsuth, I., Cope, A., Sutherland, A., Pilbeam, L., Murray, A. L., & Eisner, M. (2016). London Education and Inclusion Project (LEIP): Exploring Negative and Null Effects of a Cluster-Randomised School-Intervention to Reduce School Exclusion—Findings from Protocol-Based Subgroup Analyses. PloS one, 11(4), e0152423.

Obsuth, I., Sutherland, A., Cope, A., Pilbeam, L., Murray, A. L., & Eisner, M. (2017). London Education and Inclusion Project (LEIP): Results from a cluster-randomized controlled trial of an intervention to reduce school exclusion and antisocial behavior. Journal of youth and adolescence, 46(3), 538-557.

Obsuth, I., Sutherland, A., Pilbeam, L., Scott, S., Valdebenito, S., Carr, R., & Eisner, M. (2014). London Education and Inclusion Project (LEIP): a cluster-randomised controlled trial protocol of an intervention to reduce antisocial behaviour and improve educational/occupational attainment for pupils at risk of school exclusion. BMC Psychology, 2(1), 24.

Valdebenito, S., Eisner, M., Farrington, D., Ttofi, M., & Sutherland, A. (2015). School-based Interventions for Reducing Disciplinary School Exclusion: A Systematic Review. USA: The Campbell Collaboration. Retrieved from: