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Early in July, the VRC report Effective violence prevention: An overview of the international evidence was presented, alongside the EBLS foundational report at a Youth Endowment Fund (YEF) expert meeting on Youth Violence by Prof Manuel Eisner and VRC affiliated researcher Dr Aja Murray (University of Edinburgh). The presentation was entitled The Causes of Violence and Violence Prevention. The slides are shared above on presentation mode.

The Effective violence prevention report was launched earlier this year at the second International Seminar of z-proso, organised in February 2020 by Prof Izabela Zych and Prof Vicente Llorent at the University of Cordoba. The report, initially produced in 2009 to support the Swiss National Violence Prevention Strategy, was updated and translated in English in 2019. 

Effective violence prevention provides an overview of international scientific evidence on violence prevention. A broad definition of violence is used, which includes legally punishable, as well as non-punishable and (early) risk factors for violence. It comprises 26 international approaches to prevent violence in families, schools, neighbourhoods and communities at large. Each chapter gives practitioners and decision-makers an outline of the objectives, programme features and performance of the approaches.

The purpose of this report is to strengthen the emerging momentum towards more evidence-based violence prevention by providing concrete recommendations about which measures and programmes are most likely to be successful to reduce violence levels across the world.

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