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We have always championed collaboration in academic research. If you visit our research page, you will find that our main projects are all based on international collaboration.

Prof Manuel Eisner contributed to a joint editorial entitled Violence, Justice, and Health: implications for a multisectoral collaboration. Co-authors were Bandy X. Lee, Maya Prabhu and Charles C. Dike.

The editorial is part of the special issue Violence, Justice, and Health: Implications for a Multisectoral Collaboration of the International Journal of Public Health. Here is an extract: "Until recently, criminal justice has been the predominant way by which society has intervened in problematic human violence. Then, there has been the rise of a public health approach, which views human violence as an issue one can research, understand, and prevent. Mental health and the social sciences shed light on how psychological and social dimensions shape human violence. Laws, in turn, protect civil and human rights and set standards for governance. All these different domains have much to gain from collaborating with one another, but there has been insufficient exchange between them."

You can read the article here.


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