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Violence Research Centre


As we step into Spring, here are the latest papers published by the VRC team and its international collaborators. To find out more about the projects that have inspired and provided data for these papers, please visit our Research page.


Mental health, aggression and bullying - women, children and adolescents

Foley, S., Hughes, C., Murray, A.L. [.....] Valdenito S., Eisner, M. (2021). Prenatal attachment: using measurement invariance to test the validity of comparisons across eight culturally diverse countries. Arch Womens Ment Health

Murray, A.; Wong, S.C.; Obsuth, I.; Rhodes, S.; Eisner, M.; Ribeaud, D. (2021). An ecological momentary assessment study of the role of emotional dysregulation in co-occurring ADHD and internalising symptoms in adulthood. Journal of Affective Disorders, Volume 281, Pages 708-713, ISSN 0165-0327

Murray, A.L., Obsuth, I., Speyer, L. [....] Eisner, M., Ribeaud, D. (2021) Developmental Cascades from Aggression to Internalizing Problems via Peer and Teacher Relationships from Early to Middle Adolescence. J Youth Adolescence 50, 663–673

Gaffney, Hannah & Ttofi, Maria & Farrington, David. (2021). Effectiveness of school‐based programs to reduce bullying perpetration and victimization: An updated systematic review and meta‐analysis. Campbell Systematic Reviews, 17

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