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Violence Research Centre


The VRC carries out interdisciplinary research on the causes, prevention and consequences of interpersonal violence in national and international societies. In the third of a series of profiles of VRC researchers, we introduce our Lecturer in Criminology and Complex Networks, Dr Paolo Campana - who investigates criminal activities, gang violence and illegal markets.


Which are the three questions that drive your work?

  • How are criminal activities organised?
  • How does organised crime work? 
  • How does systemic violence emerge? 


Which three keywords summarise your research?

  • Organised crime 
  • Illegal markets
  • Social networks' analysis 


What is the current focus of your studies?

I am currently working on exploring instances of illegal governance of markets and communities provided by organised crime groups. This is part of the i-Gov Project that I am leading. Additionally, I am studying the mechanisms underpinning systemic violence using a social network analysis approach, which is one of the main foci of the Crime & Networks Group based at the VRC.


Dr Campana’s research pages


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