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Pic by Alex Blajan

The start of 2020 saw considerable media coverage of two international projects we are associated with, z-proso and sp-proso. These studies link our Centre to researchers all over the world who are passionate about finding out at what stage in a child's development aggressive behaviours can be identified and what are their long-term consequences in families, schools and communities. 


z-proso, Switzerland

The Second International z-proso Seminar in Cordoba, Spain, on 6-8 February 2020, was preceded by a Violence Prevention Day, which involved senior policemen, including the Captain of the Delinquent Behaviour Analysis Department, José Manuel Quintana Touz. The z-proso seminar, introduced by our director, Prof Eisner (principal investigator) and Dr Denis Ribeaud (Co-investigator, University of Zurich, our partner in the project), was followed with talks by Prof Manuel Eisner, University of Cambridge, Dr Margit Averdijk, University of Zurich (on violent situations), Dr Amy Nivette, University of Utrecht (z-proso around the world, including countries like Uruguay and Brazil) and our own Dr Sara Valdebenito who explored the issue of school punishment. 

The following days featured talks, among others, by members of ZIREN (the international research network): Prof Boris Quednow, University of Zurich, Prof Lilly Shanahan, University of Zurich, Prof Noemi Pereda, University of Barcelona, Dr Ingrid Obsuth, University of Edinburgh and the hosts, Prof Izabela Zych and Prof Vicente J. Llorent from the University of Cordoba. To read more about this event, please visit the Jacobs Center's page.


sp-proso, Brazil


Prof Maria Fernanda Peres, University of Sao Paulo (principal investigator), Prof Manuel Eisner, University of Cambridge (co-investigator), Dr Renata Bertazzi Levy, Dr Catarina Machado Azeredo, Dr Leandro Fórnias Machado de Rezende, Dr Marilia Sposito, Dr Márcia Thereza Couto Falcão. The TV interview with Prof Maria Fernanda Peres, University of São Paulo, can be found here

sp-proso uses the methodology of z-proso and the Montevideo Project on the Social Development of Children (Uruguay, m-proso) to research risk and protective factors for violent behaviour and victimisation in Brazil. This project is funded by a British Academy grant (the Newton Advanced Fellowship). It aims to estimate the prevalence of violence perpetration and victimisation among adolescents and to investigate the association between socio-demographic, individual, relational (family and peer), school and neighbourhood factors with violence perpetration and victimisation.



A report sharing some findings was covered by a huge number of publications and media outlets. You can find the full list on the sp-proso page.



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