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Violence Research Centre


The VRC team and affiliated researchers are organising webinars and writing on themes relating to the pandemic. We will also be sharing other strands of research within the Institute of Criminology and the University of Cambridge, with a focus on humanities. This page will be updated on a regular basis. 


Research Projects

Global Crime during Covid-19

The emergency measures imposed during the COVID-19 pandemic constitute a unique set of interventions that deeply affect daily routines of people in all societies across the globe. Evidence is emerging that crime levels fell substantially for many types of crime in many societies during the crisis. Read more here.


Covid-19 and the Psychological Wellbeing of Police Officers and Health Workers in Ghana

Since its outbreak in December 2019, severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2), has become a global pandemic. Governments have continued to take measures to control the spread of the virus. For health workers and police officers, being in daily contacts with patients and the general public means potentially heightened anxiety. This study aims to explore the psychological wellbeing of these frontline professionals in Ghana. Read more here.


Publications - VRC

Available on the HFG website - here. An article published in Policing Insight covered this report. You can read it here.


Webinars - VRC


Dr Peter Neyroud, Prof Manuel Eisner & Prof Amy Nivette: Social Distancing in the Pandemic: Policing and Compliance - 24 April 2020

A subsequent paper presented the findings mentioned in the webinar. 
Non-compliance with COVID-19-related public health measures among young adults: Insights from a longitudinal cohort study by Amy Nivette, Denis Ribeaud, Aja Murray, Annekatrin Steinhoff, Laura Bechtiger, Urs Hepp, Lilly Shanahan and Manuel Eisner. It is available here.












Prof Manuel Eisner: Crime in Times of the Pandemic. An Outline of Research Issues


Child Protection

Webinar about COVID-19 and Child Protectionwith speaker connected to EBLS study. Organised by Early Childhood Development Action Network​ (ECDAN).


Other projects @ The Institute of Criminology

Domestic Violence


New summary of evidence relating to policing domestic abuse under COVID-19 conditions, compiled and summarized by the New Zealand Police Evidence-Based Policing Unit on behalf of the Australia-New Zealand Society of EBP, with most of the original research done by the Police Executive Programme at the University of Cambridge Institute of Criminology. Download the report at