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How to reduce violence globally?

Leading experts in violence prevention have shared their most recent findings on best practices in violence reduction at the Global Violence Reduction Conference 2014. Watch the plenary lecture videos online and learn more about the key recommendations for policy-making to reduce violence by 50% in the next 30 years.

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Violence Prevention Alliance

The Violence Research Centre works with the WHO and other partners in the Violence Prevention Alliance to prevent violence through scientifically credible strategies. Find out more about evidence-based approaches to violence prevention on the Violence Prevention Alliance website.

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Research and Advocacy

Our research is based on an approach which combines theoretical findings with empirical data. We work closely with academics and policy-making institutions, both nationally and internationally, to disseminate our research and promote the debate on violence prevention.

The Violence Research Centre (VRC) conducts research to promote the understanding of the causes, the consequences, and the prevention of interpersonal violence. The VRC takes a strong interest in advancing quantitative methodologies for the study of violence and conducts longitudinal studies, experimental studies, programme evaluations, epidemiological surveys, and cross-national comparative studies. The research is done in close cooperation with leading experts from academia, policy-making institutions and civil society organizations.