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How to prevent violence effectively?

The Prevention of Violence

Research at the VRC contributes to finding better ways to reduce violence through effective interventions, and to provide better protection to the victims. One specialism of the Centre are high quality randomized field trials. Through such studies we examine whether well-designed interventions can be integrated into existing services, whether they have positive effects in the real world and can hence be recommended for wider adoption. For example, a randomized controlled trial in 40 schools in Greater London (the "London Education and Inclusion Project", PI Manuel Eisner) examines the extent to which a targeted intervention can reduce the risk of school exclusions and serious disruptive behaviours, and possibly the long-term probability of serious offending.

A specialism of research by Dr Ttofi are systematic reviews and meta-analyses. This includes, for example, the most comprehensive analysis to date of the effectiveness of bullying prevention programmes. In a more recent study Dr Ttofi uses meta-analyses to examines the protective factors that can reduce the likelihood that bullying victimization leads to subsequent depression.

Based on our research we advise local, national, international and global actors on effective policies in the areas covered by our research. The main instruments are contributions to government reports, participation in advisory panels, presentations to leading decision makers, formulation of recommendations to public authorities and the organization of conferences and seminars that bring together policy-makers and researchers.

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