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Evidence for Better Lives Study

Evidence for Better Lives
A global study on the causes and the prevention of violence


About the study

kids playEach year millions of people across the world are the victims of violent acts such as physical and psychological maltreatment, sexual abuse, bullying and assault that result in trauma, injury or death. There is an in urgent need for better knowledge about the causes of violence and how it can be prevented. In particular, there is a pressing need to understand the ways in which we can most effectively intervene early in the life course to tackle victimization and perpetration risk from the very beginning of life.

"Evidence for Better Lives" proposes a global, trans-disciplinary research, training and prevention programme with the overarching goal of contributing to violence reduction on a global scale. It is the most ambitious violence reduction programme to date to understand the forces of human aggression and cooperation in different cultures: A cohort study starting at birth or pregnancy, with 6-8 sites across the world in different cultures, adopting a bio-social framework, broadly focusing on healthy child development, and possibly combined with one or several interventions. By bringing together a group of talented researchers from different cultures in a cross-cultural collaborative project, the study will support a shared global commitment to violence reduction. By including a training initiative for doctoral students and young academics from low and middle income countries, we will create a next generation of experts with the skills needed to facilitate violence reduction in their countries.

A workshop on 5-6 December 2015 in the Marbach Castle, Switzerland will start the initial planning phase of the Evidence for Better Lives Study.


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Photo Credit: David Robert Bliwas